Senior Prom 2019
Our Lady of Mercy Academy's Senior Prom will be held on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 from 8pm-12am at The Metropolitan in Glen Clove. In submitting payment (online or in person) for the Academy's Senior Prom you are agreeing to the following Our Lady of Mercy Senior Prom Policies. (File attached below outlining specific policies). Any of the Academy's Prom polices violated during the event will be subject to losing the privilege of walking during graduation. 1. Prom Tickets will cost $110.00 each. 2. If you are submitting payment in person you are to give the Check made out to OLMA to Miss Breitinger. Please note Senior Prom and Student name in the check memo. 3. If you are ordering your Prom ticket(s) online, a $6.00 credit card processing fee will be added for each ticket order placed online. 4. All students whether paying online or in person must submit a signed copy of the Prom Rules and Regulations to Miss Breitinger with payment for Prom tickets. If you fail to submit a signed Prom Rules and Regulations form and/or Outside Guest Contract (due on Wednesday May 15th) you and your guest will not be permitted entrance to the Academy's Prom. 5. Regular priced Tickets will only be sold starting Monday March 25th till 3pm Friday March 29th. If you wish to purchase a ticket after this date late tickets will be sold Monday April 1st till Wednesday April 3rd. No Prom tickets will be sold after this date and the sale of late Prom tickets on 4/1-4/3, will be subject to a $10 late fee per ticket.