Study and Writing Skills

Students are always interested in how to improve their grades. They constantly look for methods to maximize the profits of their efforts. It is only natural for them to believe the more time they spend studying, the more successful they will be. However, additional study time is a waste of time if students are using incorrect study methods. Hence, the Mantra: Study Smarter Not Harder!

One of the main components of studying smarter is ORGANIZATION. Organization is the key to success. Follow the steps below to get organized:
  • Work with a calendar: Be mindful of extra-curricular activities, family obligations, or commitments that may interfere with your ability to study, do homework, hand in projects or write papers. Plan ahead.
  • Establish short and long term goals for each subject; write them down; review these goals each quarter and honestly rate yourself.
  • Use the Agenda book to record homework and grades.
  • Use a highlighter to emphasize test dates.
  • Always date notebook entries.
  • Always date homework and make sure your answer reflects what the question asks. When you do this, you are really taking notes in a sense. Reviewing homework before an exam is an excellent study aid. Remember, if it's assigned, it's IMPORTANT.
  • Keep a separate subject folder for handouts, number and date them.
  • Make sure you have material ready when you do homework or study for exams.
  • Organize your work each night; pack your books and materials before you go to bed. Use a check list.
  • Create to do lists each day. Although this seems like extra work, in reality it isn't.
  • Establish an organized study/work area in your home.
  • Plan your approach to homework and exams.
  • If you need help getting organized, ask your teachers, guidance counselors, parents, or peers.